How to choose Car mat material? Oct 13, 2021
Which car mat is good?

How to choose car mats?

First of all, when we buy car mats, we mainly consider several aspects such as wear resistance, dirt resistance, safety, environmental protection, and beauty, and these are mainly related to the material and design of the car mats

First of all, the mats in the automotive supplies market are mainly divided into materials: chemical fiber, PVC, rubber, leather. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages

1. Leather car mats: high-end, high-quality, cost-effective, easy to clean, but does not absorb dirt or water

2. Rubber car mat: dirt-resistant, slip-resistant, easy to clean, but easy to slide, have peculiar smell, has been slowly eliminated by consumers

3. Pvc car mat:It is characterized by environmental protection, durability, non-toxic and harmless design, humanized design

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